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Two weeks ago, W/ARE launched a contest to select five studios to receive a W/ARE dev kit. We are proud to say that we received 682 applications from studios all over the world. We have made a shortlist of ten studios, and now it is up to you to select which of these projects you want to see in our top five.

One of our partnered games, No Man’s Sky, has agreed to help our top ten gain exposure by hosting the finalists’ pitches on their subreddit. You are invited to learn more about each project in their individual posts as they're uploaded by their respective studios.

Top 10 participants :

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Game title : Beyond the Stars
Struggle to understand how you ended up in a far flung region of space, as you harvest resources to build and upgrade your capital ship. Build it bigger to expand your crew, as you reach further into the unexplored depths. Who knows what's out there?
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Game title : Terraformed
Terraform worlds from desolate wastelands into flourishing planets filled with life.
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Game title : The Drowned Tower
The Drowned Tower is a post-apocalyptic exploration game set in a dream-like world. Using the power of Tarot cards and High Technology, players alter the physical landscape and uncover secrets of the world that came before.
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Game title : Tumbleweed
Studio : CSD Games
Tumbleweed sends dreamers flying with the wind to wherever their imagination takes them.
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Game title : Eden
Eden is a game where you take on the role of god. Using state-of-the-art procedural generation technology, Eden creates a sector of space that you can truly call your own. Through emergent gameplay design and advanced artificial intelligence systems, Eden explores the relationship between the creator and its creations.
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Game title : Penrose Path - Know Thyself
Penrose is a fully procedural, text based psycho-philosophical Adventure Game with one core underlying theme: If you think you know yourself, think again.
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Game title : Supersensory
Studio : Spectrumental
A two-player cooperative adventure steeped in a deep contextual mythos. The players assume the roles of Lumen and Shade, the embodiments of light and darkness. They must use their command of color to overcome challenges while discovering their true destiny along the way..
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Game title : DELVE
DELVE is a relaxing, single-player experience designed to improve a player's sleep. In the game, players navigate through their own memories, collecting memory fragments which are scattered throughout the environment. This process facilitates the defragmentation of the player's own memories, which is one of the primary purposes of the sleep cycle
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Game title : RE/load
A puzzle/adventure game set between wondrous dream worlds named dreamscapes and a historical backdrop, in which the latter is slowly revealed. RE/load is a game that is based upon basic childlike curiosity and adventure, while also tackling the deepest ventures of the mind, and has a strong focus on lore and story.
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Game title : Prismal Labs
Studio : Prismal Labs
Archive your dreams and memories for use in at-home or in-office therapeutic sessions; To re-live your favorite memories, and to create new ones with people long passed.

Now that you have explored all of these awesome projects, it is time to vote for your favourite and select which studios you want to see as part of our first generation of premium partners.

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